Monday, December 22, 2008

Short Short Story: The Supposed Fate Of Professor Eich

The Supposed Fate Of Professer Eich

I can not of course claim to be the last person to see Professer Picot Eich alive, although I was working with him, in conditions otherwise utterly solitary up until his depression of the final control. Things being as they were the honour of being the last person to observe his contorted and distorted features can not be assigned with certainty, and that observation in general must be considered the least unique of all human experiences. That being, obviously, the case, it may be contested that of all humanities’ multiform ends, the fate of that savant, sensualist, and self-styled ‘emotioneer’ must be the least suppositious, and my use of the word is open to question. Nevertheless, in so far as, to observe is never to experience, I maintain that in its ultimate phase, his dissolution however ubiquitous remains as unplumbed as any experience outside those of our own sensoriums. We may have seen, but, we must remain hopeful that, we can never assuredly know the finality of the fate of Professor Eich. His machine – his ‘omni-eidelon’ – remains in its shallow crater outside Utrect, and is decorated annually by both the Picotianist, and Traditionalist factions of the Church, the one in memory of his, again suppositious, sacrifice, the second against his final feared return.

Simon BJ

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