Friday, November 07, 2008

'Nick's Cave' New CSi5M

“Nick’s Cave” From ‘Manslaughter Hymns’.

I went walking in the wildlands
I went where mountains shear
I went to the old black cave mouth
To prove I had no fear
I said old Nick, old Satan
Come out and sit a spell
And the rumbling voice of the Devil said
My son I guess I will!

We sat at the stenching cavern mouth
And set the world to wrongs
And talked of war in the Middle East
Of Hammas and of Tongs.
We drank our fill of the burning spill
That imps make from the old damn’s bile
Well we drank our way through most of Hell’s
Cellars, that had been laid down a while.

A fine old glass of vintage spite
It fired me up a treat
So I bad fairwell to the Devil o’ Hell
For the Devil of Oxford Street.

And the Devil in me, in Oxford Street
That devil had a wife
And the Devil in me, in Oxford Street
Introduced her to a knife.


Zaroastra said...

I love it and the fact that I only just saw it shows how long its been since I could freely surf the web. Yay for holidays.

Site Owner said...

Pleasure, I wrote it after your comments on the Leonard Cohen one.

Simon BJ