Monday, June 16, 2008

To publicize Leonard Cohen's european tour...

A Leonard Cohenesque CSi5M!

And my life it whispered past me as the train went from the station
in a cloud of falling hailstones like an icy approbation
or the clatter of the bootheels of sharp-suited railway porters
who walked like men with holsters slung up tight under their shoulders.

I live my life in my own '43
convinced that any moment they may come for me.
I know that I've been followed by Sigmund Freud,
he's trying to convince you that I'm paranoid.

And the knocking at the window, and the shadow in the subway,
and the look behind the eyes,behind the mask, behind the doorway,
conveys a cryptic secret, esoteric and un-nerving
about the hidden war between the thieves and the deserving.

I live my life in my own '55
I keep all my wits about me, just to stay alive
between the witch hunts and the atom bomb
I watch the world pass by me, and I carry on.

And the patter of the pattern of the raindrops as they shatter
make kalidoscope refractions in the fundement of matter,
and their beat repeats the rhythm of the giger counter's chatter
For heavy rain falls harder, in the shadow of the winter.

I live my life in my own '63
With President Dorticós to watch over me.
Missiles in Izmir, made Khrushchev produce
"our inevitable weapons which we will not use"


Zaroastra said...

I tried to memorize this to pass off at a Nick cave concert a few weeks back. I was going to pass it off while waiting in line as one of Nick's songs but I screwed it up.

Site Owner said...

I'll have to read up on Nick's stuff and do something in his idiom (which I gather must be quite LCesque if my LC pastiche might have passed as NC.

I want to add another verse/refrain set to get us up to

'I live my life in my own '08..

Simon BJ