Monday, May 22, 2006

Shakespeare's Star Wars Act V


QUI-GON. With grapeshot and with shipworm riven thus, the
Luck was with us that the timbers held, so far As this, they might have failed in open sea as fair as dragging out prolonged demise. We must fresh timber, workmen, and all such, as misfortune makes necessary find within this fortune laiden port of yore.

OBI-WAN What this, this hive of scum and villainy? If we had sought the pox then chance we might Lay hands upon its bearers soon enough, but Doughty timber, and good ironwork straight? As well seek nightingales in nunneries.

QUI-GON. A nightingale brings thoughts of God I trow.

OBI-WAN. Mayhap if in the pot it does not go.

QUI-GON. You told the others to conceal our ship, and hide its beachment as well as they may?

OBI-WAN. I did my master, for as sooth you say, I feel also a disquiet in this place as if upon my grave a shadow fell.

JAR JAR. Hilloda, Meesa com da town as well!

PADME. And I, the Queen had ordered I espy the land around and make to her report of all you order in her name…

QUI-GON. Oh no!
No more commands from Her Highness today. We’ll have no frog faced men or simpering maids to get between us and the task at hand.

PADME. To hear a knight speak thus is to know Shame, not for myself but only know for thus for thee, whom else in aught appeared a paragon. Thinks thou that widows brought to weeds by war feel less the sting of war than broughtdown men. And feeling sting as Great should not attempt with iron pinchers to wrench the sting out and tear the venom from the scorpion er else it lands? And what of Gungan then, is he his Isle to pass into the hands of uncouth Rowdyiness and hobb’dehoys and not set
Firm his shoulder to the wheel as Axion would cry samaratan.

QUI-GON. I don't have time to argue. To me close as second skin, or anchorites flea cling.

He gives PADME a stern look.

QUI-GON We'll try one of the smaller dealers, ho!

WATTO Hi chuba da naga? What, wares do you seek?

QUI-GON A main mast, and a sail of stout thread wove.

WATTO I have sails woven by the Nubian’s that would the slowest fisher’s ship turn barque.

OBI-WAN I hope his barque, is better than his bite.

WATTO Slave, bring my inventory, and sharp at that.

Enter ANAKIN (a child)

WATTO Mind you the store, while I to sell procede. Out back, I’m sure I have what these folk need.

Exit, Watto, Jar Jar, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan.

(ANAKIN sits on the counter, staring at PADME.)

ANAKIN Are you an angel?

PADME No an Anglican!

ANAKIN An old joke, I avow, and yet your face is like the images that anchorites who perch atop the pillars of the dunes espie only when faint with

PADME (aside) This boy is pert, I’ll try his ready tongue.
(aloud) Angels if walking unannounced in ‘guise Speak freely with the lowly and despised, And pass without remark as commons do, And yet, the disguise you easily see through?

ANAKIN Since I was very small, my mom and I, Have worked for Watto to earn our small wage. The need to earn a crust is sharpening of intellect and eye-sight
both. Love may be blind and justice blind-fold wear but servitude must ever vigilant, stare.

PADME You're... a slave?

ANAKIN I am a person! Anakin‘s my name.

PADME I'm sorry. This is a strange isle to me.

ANAKIN And you from stranger if there no slaves be.

Re-enter others.

WATTO We are agreed I have what your craft needs. Now only payment needs to be agreed.

QUI-GON I have letters of credit drawn

WATTO In air! I place no weight in paper to supply my weighty needs, I’ve seen it fly away, to puffs of circumstance and Happenstance. Credits I credit not, nor Promise-aries.

OBI-WAN (aside) As well he to the older Gods of war makes He no vows, for all his argument is paper-weights!

QUI-GON I think you’ll find, these will do nicely. (raising his hand))

WATTO No I think they won’t. No soothsayers trickery, nor witchy eyes, can hope to stifle honest avarice! Begone, and to my table only bring, such gold or rubies as would please a King!

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