Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Meatloaf Song #2 (CS5M New!)

Road Side Diner

Well you can eat your heart out (because I don't have the appetite)
And when you find you've got too much on your plate, then I guess you've got to ditch the knife....
Because the service was slow, and there's nowhere to go
And the waitresses are ragged and torn
And the eggs aren't over easy, and their bacon's unturned
the coffee's too white: I asked for black, and the toast and my ass are burned!

I didn't mean to leave you there at the diner (but it was that or go right outa my head)
'Cause the cutlery was bending like it was Gellers birthday and they burnt the water and the bread
the short order chef was just grinning like a devil supping with a long spoon
And by the time the bill arrived you could have waited around for a total
eclipse of the moon

So I've hightailed it baby, for a farmhouse and a meat and two veg
I'll be back to get you maybe, if I don't crash and leave my body burning in a
broken hedge!


Philip said...

Ha. Love both of these -- you've got Jim Steinman's style down really well.

Tardieu said...

Heh, took me a couple of readings but I have the big guy's voice covering those lyrics now.

Personal favourite lines:

"'Cause I've oil on my hands, and I've oil in my voice
I've got a motor pounding loud in my soul
So a dainty girl who's so damn house-proud
Isn't going to live through my rock and roll!"

They are Steinman at his most metaphoralyrical