Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Time War Lament (Classic CS5M)

I'm ever so bored with the time wars
My seconds are sick of the fight
And the minute-men say, that they're fed up with the
fray, and the Enemy say they're not coming today,
Though they may look in later tonight.

I'm ever so bored with the time wars
And the loops and the fluxes and such
I had that there Scarratt for Captain
I thought he was said to be best since sliced bread
A right casanova and fairly well read
Well he just did a bunk and then left us for dead
I can't say he impressed me much.

I'm ever so bored with the time wars
I've holes in my time-line *this vast*
I'm my own second cousin, my dad, *and* my aunt
I might be my mum but I baulked and said 'shan't'
To the boned headed blighters and muttered 'avaunt'
when they offered me perfume though was Mary Quant
And I try to stay out of the past.

I'm ever so bored with the time wars
I'm doing a runner me-self
For its either decamp, or end up in the damp
of a field in the rain, or entrapped in a lamp,
another klien bottle that's sealed with a clamp
and officially marked with a ruddy great stamp
Don't open til Othermass, else.

So have some Compassion for soldiers, and the ruddy
old time-infantry, we never get visits from royaltry,
and we never have biscuits for tea. We have to subsist
on our shadows and forage for lost HEM and all, and if
it wasn't for boredom of time war, we'd not have no
boring at all.

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